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Enrol in the Selenium Automation Testing Training offered by LACAH & Dhali IT Consultancies to gain mastery in automation testing. Our comprehensive Selenium course equips you with the skills to automate web applications using a robust framework. Join us today and delve into the core concepts of Selenium such as TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, and more. Start your journey towards becoming an expert in Selenium automation testing.


Course Overview

Selenium stands as a robust and openly accessible library designed for automating web application testing, offering stability and reliability. Presently, the software testing landscape is witnessing a significant surge in demand for Selenium Automation Test professionals, with a plethora of job opportunities available.

One of Selenium’s notable features is its platform independence, functioning seamlessly across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Its versatility extends to programming languages, enabling users to leverage Java, C#, Python, and Ruby for automation tasks.

Moreover, Selenium WebDriver transcends the confines of web application testing alone. It extends its reach to mobile app testing on both Android and iOS platforms through seamless integration with the Appium Library. Furthermore, Selenium WebDriver facilitates test automation using the Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) framework, with support for Cucumber Libraries. It also caters to the testing needs of AngularJS applications through integration with Protractor Libraries.

Given the current landscape of automation testing and anticipated trends in the future, Selenium remains a highly sought-after tool. Its adaptability, extensive functionality, and broad applicability position it as a staple in the arsenal of automation testing professionals.

Intakes Every 2 weeks
Durations 45 – 60 Days
Awarding Institution Selenium
Awarded Certification Automation Testing
Delivery Blended Learning
Fees Enquire Now
Entry Requirements This course is open to all students and has no formal entry requirements. To study this course, all you will need is a passion for learning and a good understanding of English, Numeracy and IT Skills.