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3-Month Employment Programme in the Hospitality Industry

The 3-Month Employment Programme in the Hospitality Industry developed by London Academy of Culinary Arts and Healthcare is an employment programme aimed at providing back to work support for benefit claimants or the unemployed.

Clients are expected to engage in ‘work-related activity,’ which is a crucial component of the programme. ‘Work-related activity’ is a loosely defined term, and it will be left to the Employment Programme providers to determine what it means in each case. More generally, it should be activity that increases the likelihood of the person obtaining or remaining in employment or being able to do so.

The programme consists of one full day training that would immediately enter client to the chosen work industry and we have introduced 6 skills that is spread throughout this programme to support, enhance and promote their employability skills. This is part of the programme to promote a long-term employment as well as upskilling them for career progression.

Benefit of this programme

Once a student has completed their first day training, they will be entered to immediate employment with our placement partner Teamwork.

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